It has been amazing to me that during my life, as an artist, we have moved from reel to reel to cassette to 4-Track to 8-Track to digital limitless tracks, and those of us with suitcases of cool but outmoded material on these old formats must now deal with adhering to the digital age.

As I transfer these old gems, I will put them on this section of SOUND & VISION.




What does one see with their ears when they are listening to “music”?

This piece comes from the collection of “Aural Movies” I made at “Tape Canaveral,” the recording studio I set up to produce Art Ghetto recordings. This collage started with Anais Nin reading her diary about Antonin Artaud and his Theatre of Cruelty.

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From HOSTIS: The Nature of Enemy show presented at San Jose Works Gallery, September 2001.

In 2001 my partners Malcolm McClay, Christopher Furman and I created a gallery/performance art piece called HOSTIS: THE NATURE OF ENEMY (see the slides in art gallery). I had been creating some of my “aural movies” on various aspects of enemy, using monologues from political prisoners (thank you Amnesty International) as well as other aspects of what enemy may mean to us personally. In any event, a week before we were to open the show, the World Trade Center was bombed and our country focused on a whole new vision of Enemy. That day I quickly turned on every tape recording device I had and began to collage the chaos of that morning’s turn of events. I ended up using those collages rather than the ones I had previously prepared. Such is the flow of art.

I now present a few of them here for the first time.


HOSTIS- The Other Side of Mehostis

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HOSTIS- The 5 Techniques

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Booty Swirl

My partner in Art Ghetto, Billy DaMota, and I created this fun little ditty as a character study of some of our funkiest brothers. Bootsy Collins, Prince, and the grandfather, George Clinton of Parliament/Funkadelic. “Oww, I need some relief.”

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