“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance.” -Calvin and Hobbes

Art by Bradford Bancroft

Art by Bradford Bancroft

It is a new day and age. In other eras, the therapist was “expected” to keep a blank, almost mysterious shell as she conducted her sessions, careful not to expose anything about herself. Now, in the Internet age, one can find out, with enough digging, virtually anything one wants to about a person and for those of us who have lived fairly public (and sometimes notorious) previous careers, our secret identities are hard to keep in the phone booth.

As a former actor and artist folks sometimes ask about the roles and experiences I have had in my last life and rather than keep that information bottled up behind the label “Former Self, ” I have chosen to be transparent about that time in my life. After all, who doesn’t have a family picture of themselves with the lampshade over their head and a lavish Moroccan hookah pipe in the background?

Yes, folks, I have done it all, and I am here to prove one can experience transformation and transcendence while coming out on the other side with important and useful information to impart as a therapist and a consultant.

Here, then, a few galleries of my former work as an actor (in films, TV and the theater), and as an artist both in performance and gallery productions.